The 90s Tag

I found this on The Undateable Girl’s Diary blog and I would love to do this tag because I am a 90s girl myself!

So here are the questions!

1. Favorite Disney Film?

Toy story 2

2. Favorite Music Artist?

Green day, s club 7 and busted

3. Favorite Sweets?

Dip dab, rainbow drops, candy sticks, flumps, freddo, cadbury dream, bn biscuits, push pop, poppets

4. Favorite Game? ( Board game/school game)

pokemon trading card game

5. Favorite McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ Toy?


6. Favorite Book?

Tracy beaker, cant you sleep little bear, funnybones

7. Favorite Clothing Store?


8. Favorite TV Show?

The Simpsons

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?


10. What was Your Favorite 90s Game Show?


11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet?


12. Favorite Video Game And System To Play On?

Road rash on the Sega megadrive

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?

Wearing scoobies

14. Favorite Toy?

Pokemon cards and collecting figures

15. Favorite Nickelodeon Show?


I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!

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13 thoughts on “The 90s Tag

  1. Great post 🙂 It was lovely to read and have so many 90’s memories come flooding back! Remembered how much I used to love Tracey Beaker, I collected the magazine too 😀 And Arthur was the best show to watch after school! I’m gonna have the theme song in my head all night now, haha! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


  2. Ah, this post is full of so much nostalgia! I love Busted and used to play the Pokemon trading card game with my sister. My fave Nick show was Saved by the Bell or Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


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