The Pokemon Tag

If you didn’t know already me and Nick are massive Pokemon lovers!

I found this Pokemon Tag online so thought it would be fun to do!

Here we go!!

1.Favourite Pokemon?

Nick: Darkrai


2.Least favourite pokemon?

Nick: Delibird

Sophie: Metapod

3.Favourite starter pokemon?

Nick: Torchic

Sophie: Charmander

4.Favourite eeveelution?

Nick: Umbreon

Sophie: Umbreon

5.Favourite legendary Pokemon?

Nick: Lugia

Sophie: Mewtwo

6.Most terrifying Pokemon:

Nick: Hydrogan

Sophie: Darkrai

7.Most adorable pokemon?

Nick: Lapras

Sophie: Pikachu

8.Most amusing pokemon?

Nick: Tododille

Sophie: Squirtle

9.Favourite pokemon type?

Nick: Dark

Sophie: Psychic

10.Least favourite pokemon type?

Nick: Normal

Sophie: Bug

11.Favourite new pokemon from X and Y?

Nick: Yvetal

Sophie: Yvetal

12.Favourite pokemon attack or move

Nick: Dragon accent

Sophie: Moongylist beam

13.Favourite trainer type?

Nick: Birdkeeper

Sophie: Surfer

14.Your gym leader speciality?

Nick: Dragon

Sophie: Psychic

15.Favourite region?

Nick: Kalos

Sophie: Kanto

16.Favourite location?

Nick: I forgot where it is called but where you get necrozma in ultra sun and moon

Sophie: Nugget bridge

17.Most relatable pokemon?

Nick: Slowbro

Sophie: Snorlax

18.Favourite gym leader?

Nick: Koga

Sophie: Sabrina

19.Favourite elite 4 member/champion? Nick: Cynthia

Sophie: Cynthia

20.Favourite professor?

Nick: Kukui

Sophie: Oak

21.Favourite pokemon bad guy?

Nick: Team flare lysandre

Sophie: Team rocket

22.Favourite rival?

Nick: May

Sophie: May

23.A friend-relatable pokemon?

Nick: Arcanine

Sophie: Stufful

24.Most useful pokemon?

Nick: Hawlucha

Sophie: Dragonite

25.Favourite animal pokemon?

Nick: Dog

Sophie: Koala

26.Favourite coloured pokemon?

Nick: Red

Sophie: Red

27.Favourite game?

Nick: Alpha saphire

Sophie: Omega ruby

28.What did you nickname your rival? Nick: Assfart

Sophie: Nick

29.Favourite pokemon tune or song? Nick: Lavender town

Sophie: Fushsia City

30.Most nostalgic element?

Nick: In sun and moon the hm are completely redone and the gyms

Sophie: Choosing your starter pokemon with Professor Oak

Feel free to do this tag on your blogs please mention us so we can check it out!!

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4 thoughts on “The Pokemon Tag

  1. littlesnowflake July 1, 2018 — 8:55 am

    I think im going to do this when I get the time 😁


  2. Such a neat idea for a post! Sadly all my pokemon knowledge is from back in the base game haha. I never really kept up with all the later editions though I have seen a lot of super cute pictures from them!


  3. Awesome tag post, was a fun read 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


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