The Shuffle Music Tag!

Thank you to Sophie for nominating me to do this. Go and check out her blog posts! She is one of my favourite bloggers!

The Rules

• Mention the person who has nominated you and link their blog below.

• Shuffle your entire music library, no matter how old or weird the songs. List the first 15 that play, along with the artists they’re by.

• Comment on the song if you have any stories or memories behind it.

• Tag 7 or more bloggers to join in.

My songs:

1. Busted – What I Go To School For

This brings back so many wonderful memories, when me and my best friend Kate were in primary school we would go over each others for sleepovers and always singing and dancing to this song and to be honest we still do now!

2. Mr probz – Waves

One of my favourites! This is the slow version and it is my sleepy song!

3. Trivium – Endless Night

This song is always on repeat at the moment! Love it!

4. Kelly Clarkson – Because of you

This song brings back a lot of personal memories.. I always listened to this song on those sleepless nights when I was younger crying myself to sleep

5. A Great Big World – You’ll Be Okay Another one of those songs I always listened too for the same reason I explained in the song above. Such a positive song and keeps me going.

6. Tweenies – Best Friends Forever

Well.. this one is rather embarrassing haha! I keep this song on my playlist as it brings back the lovely memories when I was younger and my brother was a toddler, this was the song that we always danced too together and I pretended to be a pop star!

7. Eminem – Space bound

Great memories of this song, me and Selina rap this song together

8. Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me

My dance moves get really sexy when this song comes on!

9. Flo Rida – Wild ones

This was my getting ready for college tune as it was always on the radio at 6am eating my breakfast and dancing in the kitchen!

10. Wiley – Heatwave

This just hits me with the summer vibe! Reminds me of at my previous job this was our summer tune! Me and kids always danced to this!

11. John Legend – All Of Me

The song every girl wants their man to sing to her, such a beautiful song.

12. Chicago – You’re the inspiration

Me and my other half chosen this song to be our first dance at our wedding! Also it is on the deadpool soundtrack!

13. Rihanna – Diamonds

This song makes me so upset as it was playing most of the day on the radio when I heard the news my nanny passed away.

14. Basshunter – now you’re gone

My high school tune! Basshunter was my favourite back then, always banging out this tune on the bus

15. Jay sean – down

Another old tune! But I loved the midnight beasts parady to this song

Well.. that was a very mixed emotion shuffle on my spotify playlist!

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12 thoughts on “The Shuffle Music Tag!

  1. Tweenies! I used to love their music when I was younger! I love this post! Definitely playing some of these now, reminded me of how good they are!x


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