25 Ways To Help Manage Anxiety And Depression

Hey guys

This is a bit more of a personal blog.. I suffer with a few mental illnesses, two of these being high anxiety and depression which I was diagnosed a few years ago and I am still currently fighting.

I thought I would make this blog as I’d like to help others who are fighting from mental illnesses, Here are a few things I personally do to help get through the extremely tough times. I really hope these tips help you but these may not work for everyone but I definitely recommend it is worth giving them a try.

1. Writing lists, lists and more lists!

I find this helps me so much to organise myself, daily, weekly, yearly. Even if it is summer and I feel a bit down i’ll start writing my christmas list or a list of things that I need to buy and need to do! Lists are awesome!

2. Reading.

Reading a good book you enjoy and really getting into it and using your imagination is great to zone out! Although if i’m honest my mind sometimes wonders off and I start thinking about all the things that worry me but reading might be helpful to others.

3. Colouring.

Great activity to do at any age! Although same again with this one my mind wonders but I know a lot of people who benefit from mindfulness colouring books.

4. Wear your favourite pjs, snuggle in a cosy blanket, get a hot drink, favourite chocolate and watch a disney film.

If you are ever worried or stressed get your pjs on and get a cosy blanket and watch your favourite disney film! These are best because there is always a happy ending!

5. A relaxing bubble bath.

This is my number one thing to do when I’m having a bad day! Baths are the best especially with lots of bubbles and candles.

6. Exercise/or just going for a nice walk.

They say exercise is a really good thing to help overcome mental illnesses but if i’m honest, I’m not really one for hitting the gym as it is difficult enough just to have the motivation to get out of bed but honestly try and push yourself to go for a little walk. Fresh air does the world of good, if you feel anxious about walking on your own take a family member or your dog for walk.

7. Making YouTube videos and doing a written blog.

This is pretty much the reason I started doing YouTube videos and written blogs with my other half. It gives my mind something positive to focus on, It has given me the opportunity to speak to some really lovely people and the support we have is amazing and we really appreciate it! Since I started doing this it has helped build my confidence.

8. Bucket list.

A bucket list is a great way to motivate you and get you excited for your future even though the thought of the future is scary, having a bucket list really helps with positive thoughts

9. Love yourself

I know this can be a very hard thing to do sometimes when you feel down but loving yourself is the most important thing to do!Try doing a poster of all the good things about yourself! I found it helped having someone write good things about me.

Here is a picture of the poster I done with my counsellor on our last day working together. My counsellor bought a picture frame so i could put it on my wall and it helps me to stay positive and remember to love myself and honestly this helps me so much looking back on this.

10. Gaming

Gaming is a great thing to do to help you zone out. Me and Nick really find this beneficial. It could be any game/any console it is the best way to spend quality time by yourself. The games I play mostly when I’m having a bad day/feeling stressed is.. Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Stardew valley. These games help me to zone out feel relaxed.

11. Spending time with family/friends

I know when you feel anxious and down this can be extremely difficult some days but these are the times in your life you will treasure forever. Also talking to family/friends about your feelings can help a lot

12. Scrapbook of memories

I made a scrapbook of personal childhood memories and a scrapbook of mine and Nick’s holidays! It is great to look back on all the happy memories.

13. Paint by numbers

If you love doing arty crafty things then you’ll enjoy this! It makes you focus on this only and takes all the worries away!

14. Playing board/card games

Great way to waste time! I love doing this as it takes my mind off things and I spend time with my family and friends

15. Have a chat on the phone to your friend

I love having a chat on the phone to my best friend, i can rant about all the things on my mind and knowing although she may not fully understand she always listens and never judges me and we always have a good laugh

16. Make your bed/tidy your room

This helps me when i’m stressed although I also suffer from OCD it sometimes isn’t the best way of coping, but it takes your mind off things and you’ll feel you are back in control of your life knowing you are organised and feeling proud when you have accomplished the task. Also if there is one day when you really don’t feel like doing anything, try and make your bed as you will get back into it at night and know you have achieved something that day.

17. Soft cuddly toys

Nick bought me a Koala bear and he is so soft and fluffy! Larry the koala is always there for cuddles and helps me to feel relaxed. I love soft cuddly toys!

18. Listen to music

Heavy metal always helps when you feel angry. Just don’t listen to sad songs!

19. Paint your nails/pamper

I’m not a real girly girl as I’m not all into makeup and stuff but I do have my moments, having a good pamper sesh is lovely! Paint your nails, do something different with your hair! It takes up a bit of time and it may help you feel a bit more confident

20. Crying

Crying is the best way to release all the frustration and sadness. I find it helps after having a good cry even if it does last for a long time you’ll feel a bit better afterwards.

21. Write down your plans on a calendar

Again being organised is a good way to help control anxiety. Knowing what you are doing the next day and planning ahead is helpful

22. Make your bedroom a display of memories

Printing off photos of you and your friends and family and putting them on your bedroom wall is a great reminder when you wake up in the morning and look at all the happy memories.

23. Antidepressants

I’ll talk a little about my personal experience with this subject.. The doctor suggested me to go on antidepressants in 2012, I was stubborn and refused as I thought I would be able to cope, so i kept on fighting, It had taken me until this June 2017 (5 years) then I started taking them, honestly I wish i did start them before but the anxiety of taking them was stopping me, although I needed them to help the anxiety. So I was just going around in circles and it got to the point I couldn’t cope with feeling like that anymore. I do feel more level with my moods and not so anxious but they do take a bit of time to kick in. One thing I would say is don’t let the anxiety of taking them stop you and never feel embarrassed about taking them.

24. Positive quote book

When I was going through some really tough times I used to search on the internet for positive quotes, Pinterest is a great way of finding and saving those quotes, I would find some good motivational, positive, relatable quotes and write them in a book and make the fonts look good. I found it helped to look back on when I felt down.

25. Counselling and getting some support

It is really important if you feel anxiety and depression is taking over your life. Don’t be afraid to go to the GP as they are there to help, they can help by referring you to see a counsellor which i throughly recommend as it helped me so much, the first time it is very scary meeting someone but as weeks go by you’ll develop a relationship of trust, their job is to listen and they are non judgemental. Talking about your worries really does help as they can give you advice and tips and just having someone there to listen, I had counselling for 2 years at first I thought seriously how is talking going to help? But as time went by I could notice the difference and it really helped me reduce and manage my mental illnesses.

Please comment if any of these tips have helped you and I am interested in any tips you would recommend!

I’m thinking about turning these tips into a YouTube video when I’ve built up my confidence a bit more and maybe do a personal blog of my story in the future.

Stay positive and keep on fighting!


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65 thoughts on “25 Ways To Help Manage Anxiety And Depression

  1. This is really helpful, Sophie! Self-love & bubble baths are tops on my list!


  2. Really helpful post! I write lists and lists and I find it helps x


  3. I’m glad to see more tips on how to manage mental health. I also struggle with anxiety and depression, and a lot of these tips have helped me during my worst moments. Having plushes, spending some time to myself to relax, and even playing video games are great ways that I have been able to manage my mental health. You brought up a ton of great ideas, so thank you for bringing up a very important topic and giving out tips to help cope with it.


  4. What an amazing post. I agree with all of these. I haven’t tried medication for my anxiety, try to keep it herbal. Lavender oil is amazing for anxious times. Xxxxxxxxxx



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